Our Ambassadors

Fishing and Adventure 

Scott Parry and Michael (Mig) Rumney

Fishing & Adventure was developed by cousins Scott Parry and Michael (Mig) Rumney back in 2011. 

Fishing & Adventure is a high energy New Zealand fishing show

Woody Out At Sea

lloyd Wood

Woody is a keen fisherman and diver, who’s regularly out on the water, making memories and teaching the next generation. 

Just Wild NZ

Justin Amor

JUST WILD NZ is an outdoor adventure show relatable to all with a strong focus towards the viewer finding the adventurer within. Survival in the wild and excitement to an end goal while always retaining a positive mindset will be the essence of each episode.

J E Wilds

Joe Edlington

JE Wilds brings amazing wild adventure right to your screens. There’s always a new video on the go. Joe Edlington is the director and host of the show, he has over 10 years experience documenting outdoor content and is proud to bring the millions of viewers along for the journey!


Ben Brown

Jump on board and you’ll find yourself watching some of the best fishing content from around the New Zealand Coastline. Join Ben Brown on his epic ocean adventures. 

Want to join the team?

We are always looking for enthusiastic outdoor people to join our ambassador team. If this sounds like you, drop us a line with what you can bring to our team that sets you apart from anyone else.

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